Top 3 FREE Resources for New Dentists

Top 3 FREE Resources for New Dentists

  1. Podcasts

Podcasts are a fantastic way to consume information on the go- whether it be during a commute, while at the gym, or in between patients. There are a number of free podcasts out there that discuss all aspects of dentistry, anything from clinical skills to marketing, to team management. The following podcasts are some of my personal favourites:


Noobie Dentist

A fun and informative podcast in which the host Dr. Omid Azami interviews various dentists and specialists. He is very enthusiastic and inquisitive. He ensures to cover all of the basic information which is extremely helpful to new dentists. While his podcast is geared toward new dentists, more experienced clinicians can still pick up tricks from this podcasts.


My personal favorite episodes are:

Episode 22: Endo 101 with Endodontist Dr. Stephanie Tran

Episode 14: Life Outside Dentistry with Dr. Bruce Freeman

Episode 44 Nerding out over biomimetic dentistry with Dr. Davey Alleman DMD part 1/2

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The Lifestyle Practice Podcast

Very informative podcast by Justin Short and Derek Williams which dives into the business side of dentistry. The duo provide valuable insight into the aspects of running a dental practice that most new practice owners struggle with such as managing office staff, increasing practice profitability and communication with patients.


My personal favorite episodes are:

Episode 11 Dentists Stop Making These 3 Mistakes

Episode 19 Your Case Presentation and a Disease That Is Costing You Millions

Episode 12 Interview with TLP Client Eric Moryoussef

The Lifestyle Practice Podcast

  1. Instagram accounts
  • If you follow the right Instagram dentists there is a ton to be learned. Many of the accounts I follow post how they perform procedures step by step. Their posts are very comprehensive and include a series of intraoral photos, videos, and tips. In addition, there are some very insightful questions/comments by other users.

Some of my favorite Instagram accounts are:


@BloodyToothGuy: An oral surgeon with over 100K followers who posts a combination of high resolution videos/photos of extractions and pathology in combination with some artistic dentistry photos


@Dentalsparkdds:Canadian female dentist posting pictures of a variety of her cases- everything from implants, endo retreat, restorative, crown/bridge. Excellent photographs and work.


@postitpediatricdentistry: New conceptual account by Ben Popple DMD. He makes a weekly post on tips with pediatric patients with all illustrations on post it notes. Very clear tips and covers relevant topics.


@Central_ohio_oral_pathology:Dr Ashleigh Briody and Carl Allen post high quality intraoral photographs and patient histories in the first picture and you swipe right to find the biopsy results, histological slides and treatment.


  1. Facebook Groups & Online Forums

Online Dental Groups are a massive archive on questions related to everything dentistry. In my favorite groups, members from around the world post cases that include pearls or general questions to the group. Occasionally members will post powerful quotes or a funny meme. Most dental Facebook groups are private and all patient information is kept anonymous. One huge advantage of online groups/forums is that you can use the keyword search to swift through years of comments/questions/answers rated to your topic of interest.

My personal favorite groups are:


Dental Clinical Pearls:Private Facebook group that offers exclusively clinical tips

One of the group founder Dr. Greg Charles also sends out well written and helpful newsletters by email (


Dental Nachos:Private Facebook group that offers a combination of funny content, current dental events, and tips/questions.


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