ODA adds new billing code for personal protective equipment (PPE)

ODA adds new billing code for personal protective equipment (PPE)

Just yesterday, the Ontario Dental Association (ODA) announced the creation of a new billing code for increased costs in PPE during  the COVID-19 pandemic. The new code is intended to be used in conjunction with other procedures performed during the appointment.

The PPE costs include those associated with N95 or equivalent masks, gowns, face shields, hair and foot coverings, etc.and the ODA has specified that these new codes are not to be used to bill for time associated with placement/removal of PPE (donning/doffing) or for fallow times. With the addition of this code, patients can expect to pay an additional 8.00-18.oo$ per visit during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Two new procedure codes, as well as all other Canadian dental codes, can be found using the mobile app available for Android and IOS “Dental Code Lookup” (www.dentalcodelookup.ca). Specifically, the new codes for PPE are found under the category Miscellaneous> Laboratory and Expense Procedures in the app.

99900 PPE expenses required by the COVID-19 pandemic, per appointment

99901- Non aerosol generating procedures

99902- Aerosol generating procedures


6 thoughts on “ODA adds new billing code for personal protective equipment (PPE)

    1. Hello, this billing code for PPE is optional. It was simply created by the Ontario Dental Association (ODA) and is to be used at the dentists discretion. Many dentists have had to put in new equipment (air filters, walls/screens etc.) and buy PPE in order to protect themselves, staff and patients.

    2. Hi Dave, if the dentist is bills this code and it the specific insurance does not cover it then yes, the patient will need to pay the recommended amount of 8-18$ that has been recommended. Seeing as this is a new billing code being used that is being used at the offices discretion, we highly recommend you contact your dental office and insurance prior to your visit to see whether this code will be used, an estimate of what the fee will be for the visit, to verify whether this code is eligible under your insurance policy and if there is anything you can do to minimize the costs while remaining safe. Please let me know if there is anything else we can help you with.

  1. These ppe costs/billing seem to be for the staff – what about ppe charged to the patient. If I dont bring my own mask and my dentist provides one is the code the same 99900 and will insurance reimburse my ppe charge because it is mandatory as part of my appointmen? Will insurance start paying the office PPE/Covid costs 99900, 99901, 99902?
    thank you!

    1. Hi Shawna, you bring up great points! Right now you are correct in that dental offices require that patients wear a mask and sanitize their hands when entering/exiting the office. This is a new billing code and we are unable to verify for you whether your insurance will cover these codes. We recommend you contact your dental office and insurance to ask these questions as they are all VERY valid points prior to your appointment. We also recommend you bring your own mask to wear when you enter and exit office in order to minimize the costs for everyone. Wish we could provide you with a more accurate answer to your questions, but this is an unprecedented time and there is no consensus on the use of these codes. As it stands, dentists can choose to bill for the PPE for a price ranging between 8-18$ (recommended by ODA) per visit during the pandemic or they can choose not to bill for it at all.

  2. Is the charge to the patient to cover costs for the dental office? If I bring my own mask to the dental office, am I still being charged?

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