Helpful Dental Mobile Apps

Helpful Dental Mobile Apps

Below are a few mobile apps available on Android and IOS that can help improve workflow and save time for you and your team in the dental office.

1. Dental photography apps

Dental photography apps can be a great guide for taking consistent and clear dental photos.

Two of my favourite photo mobile apps are Invisalign Photo Uploader and Dental Shooting.


Invisalign Photo Uploader

The Invisalign Photo Uploader mobile app is free for all Invisalign Providers. It uses your cell phones camera and uses a guide to take all classic orthodontic extra oral and intra oral images. The images can be uploaded directly to your Invisalign provider site or can be printed/emailed and uploaded to your clinics dental software or printed in placed in the patients chart.

Cost: Free download but must have Invisalign account



Dental Shooting

Another mobile app that guides you in taking intra-oral and extra-oral dental photos similar to the one mentioned above. This app also allows you to edit and write on photos (arrows, circles etc.) to highlight certain areas of dental concern. For more information, please visit:

Cost: 28.99$/3 months, 43.99$/6 months, 57.99$/12months subscription packages


2. Dental Drug Prescription Apps

Dental Drugs

This mobile app is an index of all commonly used dental drugs and doses. The app provides information on drug dose, dispensing and instructions as well as precautions

Cost: Free download


The user selects the drug and inputs the patients weight and provides the  appropriate drug prescription.

3. Dental Code Indexes

These mobile apps allow dental staff to search code by description or by navigating through the menu options


Dental Code Lookup

for all Canadian dental  codes

Cost: 9.99$ one time download

American Dental Association CDT Code Check

Access to all American dental codes

Cost: 19.99$ Must have American Dental Association login


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